This guide will help you to send your first campaign to your list of contacts and see detailed reports using SendX platform:

Introduction to SendX

SendX is 360 degree marketing automation platform. It helps you convert website visitors to customers, send them promotional emails & transactional emails, engage with them using drip sequences and craft custom journeys using powerful but simple automation.

Setting up list

So the first thing which we need to do to send our first email campaign is to create a list. For the sake of simplicity we shall create a list with name Website Users, select single opt in as choice and deselect options of thank you or unsubscribe emails.

Adding contacts

Contacts are nothing but users to whom you want to send emails. At minimum they should have Email Id. You can specify other properties like First Name, Company, Birthday etc. You can add contacts using Add new contact or import them via CSV file. For now we shall simply be adding a contact with Add new contact option. Enter your personal or work email id along with your first name.

Creating campaign

Lets add a new campaign from sidebar Campaigns > Broadcast > New Broadcast

Lets add a personalized email subject line: {{fallback .FirstName .Email}} : your launch campaign

Also lets select a template for HTML code

Sending first campaign

As a good practice we should always send test campaign before sending actual one. This shall ensure that if there are any issues they shall get surfaced right away.

Now checking your gmail account should show a mail similar to:

If you have reached this stage then it means everything is working fine. Note that {{.FirstName}} at the very top has not been replaced. These are personalisation tags which we shall discuss in greater detail later.

Now submit your campaign and you should see:

Note that here email subject has changed from {{.FirstName}}: your launch campaign to Varun: your launch campaign

Analyzing reports

Once you have opened the mail you can see reports like this:

So now you are well on your way to use SendX for mastering email marketing automation :)