This guide will help you to understand segmentation and how to use it effectively for better targeting of your emails


On SendX platform lists are a collection of contacts whereas tags are used to segregate contacts based on activity, event or other such attributes. Both lists and tags can be used to target a particular set of users at a higher granularity.

However when you need to send a campaign based on a condition or group of conditions they fail. This is where segments kick in. They can be used to get a group of contacts which comply to a group of conditions eg:

Get me all contacts which are registered (list), have created a profile ( tag ) and have shared on Facebook ( tag ) and have been sent Winter Clothing and Summer Showdown campaigns.

Now the above group of conditions can be broken down to: * Users who are a part of Registered Users list * Have tags created_profile and sharedonfb * Have been sent Winter clothing and Summer Showndown campaigns

Segment Use-Cases

Segments are primarily useful in the following ways:

  • Send a targeted broadcast email campaign to a set of contacts

  • Perform a bulk operation on a group of contacts eg: Tag contacts as active who have opened atleast 2 campaigns in last 1 month or Delete all contacts who have not opened any of the last 5 campaigns