Sendgrid Integration Guide

You will need to perform the following steps to setup Sendgrid with SendX platform:

Sign up for Sendgrid and getting your API Key

  • Visit Sendgrid and sign up for an Sendgrid account. Sendgrid has a free plan of sending upto *12000( emails free per month.

  • Login to your Sendgrid account and select Settings > API Keys.

  • Click on Create API Key > General API Key

  • Add new general API Key and give it some name ( eg: sendxsendgridkey) and provider full access to the same.

  • Post submit you shall be redirected to screen with your new API key generated. Copy this key.

  • Add a new provider at SendX Settings > New Provider of type Sendgrid and paste the Sendgrid API keys which were previously generated.

  • On successful addition of new provider you shall be able to see a screen like this.

Voila ! at this stage you can start using sendgrid to send emails. Note that bounce and complaint handling still need to be taken care of.