By the end of this guide, you will be able to create drip email sequences and also be able to the various options that come with it in detail:

  • Introduction to Drip Sequences
  • Advanced Options
  • Setting Up a Drip Sequence
  • Triggering a Drip Sequence
  • Exclude a Segment of Contacts from a Drip Step

Introduction to Drip Sequences

Drip sequences are series of emails that are sent or “dripped” in a predefined order at a predefined time interval. So, for example, if someone joins your email list or app, they receive welcome email #1 on signup, email #2 which highlights best features of your app is sent two days later and email #3 which nudges them to invite their friends is sent 5 days later. Drip sequences are very effective for:

  • Better User Onboarding
  • Reducing User Churn
  • Increasing User Engagement
  • Upselling Products

and more

Advanced Options

Drip sequences have a few advanced options:

  • Skip Weekends: In many cases you don't want a drip email sequence to be sent on Saturday or Sunday. Enabling skip weekends does that. Rather the email shall be sent on Monday for all such users.
  • Track Replies: You can decide to track replies to your drip sequences. This can be used for outbound prospecting or better user engagement. You can further use automation rules to tag users who have replies, send them a one-off email or start/stop a drip sequence
  • Autogenerate UTM Params: Enabling this will rewrite all your email links to the ones containing UTM params. This ensures that if your are using analytics services like Google Analytics then you can co-relate website traffic with your email campaigns/drips etc. So a link like will convert to

Setting Up Drip Sequence

Click on New Drip under the drip sequence tab on the sidebar. Specify the time, timezone and the user from which drip sequence needs to be sent. Once you have done that you can simply create a sequence of emails and specify the status as well as duration after which it should be sent.

Any individual step in a drip sequence can have status as active or draft. Draft drip steps are not activated and hence they won't be sent to any contact.

The 0th step (1st email) of the Drip can be sent immediately as soon as a contact (subscriber) subscribes.

If Send After 0 days is selected then the 1st step will be sent at the 1st occurrence of scheduled time of the Drip.

Similarly, you can change the duration after which the drip step must be triggered.

Triggering a Drip Sequence

Drip sequences can be triggered as part of automation rule or using API.

Exclude a Segment of Contacts from a Drip Step

You can exclude contacts (subscribers) present in a Segment from certain Drip Steps. This can be extremely handy, when you want to exclude a specific segment (for ex: if they buy your product), from receiving a particular drip email.

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